Teacher Students Jokes

Silly Teacher Student Joke
Teacher: How old is your dad.
Student: He is as old as I am.
Teacher: How is it possible?
Student: Because he became a dad only after I was born.

Hilarious Teacher Comedy
Teacher: Whats the meaning of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder?
Student: Bamba'lakkadi Jimba.
Teacher: I dont understand anything you said.
Student: Same here.

School Joke
Teacher: Which is your native place?
Sudent : Maharashtra m'aam.
Teacher: Can you spell it?
Student: Actually my native place is goa.

Exam Hall Joke
sir : if any dought ask me
student : sir, in question paper question is there but in answer paper no answer is there

Mathematics Teacher Student Joke
Teacher: Suppose, I give you 2 dogs. Then I again give you 2 dogs. How many will you have?
Student: 5
Teacher: How?
Student: I have a dog in my house now.

Maths Mother Joke
Teacher: Suppose, you have 2$. You asked your mother for one more. How many would you have then?
Student: 2$
Teacher: Why?
Student: Because my mother won’t give me any.

Maths Joke
Teacher: If your father and mother both give you 50$, what you will get?
Student: A new video game.

Ridiculous Joke
Teacher: Suppose, you have a box which contains a 10 foot snake...
Student: But Sir, snakes don’t have feet.

Teacher Funny Comedy
Student: I don’t think I deserve Zero in this answer paper.
Teacher: Agreed. You deserve -1.

College Joke
Teacher: You are late today Mike.
Mike: Sir, I obeyed a sign.
Teacher: What sign?

Student School Joke
Teacher: You promised me to submit me a paragraph, right?
Student: Yes Sir.
Teacher: And I also promised that if you fail to submit it, I will punish you, right?
Student: Yes Sir, so it will be fair if you break your promise too.

Funny Teacher Joke
After answering correct, the teacher said, 'Smith, tell me an important incident which never happened before within ten years'.
Smith: I answered correct today.

Laugh Out Loud Joke
Teacher: Suppose, you have offered money and knowledge. You have to take one of them. Which one you should choose?
Student: Money.
Teacher: I would have taken knowledge. But why do you take money?
Student: I have the lack of money that’s why. You have the lack of knowledge. That’s why

Laugh Out Loud Joke
Teacher: Sir, why doctors wear a mask when they do an operation?
Student: For safety. If the patient dies, others can’t find out who did the operation.

Innocent Kid Student Joke
A new student came to the class. After asking his name the teacher said,
What does your father do?'
Student: Whatever Mom says.

Student Timing Joke
Teacher: Suppose, you have 4 coins in your pocket and there is a hole in the pocket. All the four coins fall down from that hole. What will you have in your pocket?
Student: A hole.

Teacher Student PJ
Math teacher: Tell me Jenny, if a milkman mixes 2 litres water and 1 liter milk, he will get 3 litres. What will happen if he mixes 6 litres of water and 3 litres milk?
Jenny: I am not a milkman, how can I solve it?

Teacher Student Joke
Teacher is explaining to the student,
'if you see someone sinking in the water, you should pull his hair to save him from the water. It will be easy for you.'
Student: but sir, if it happens to you, we shouldn’t help you.
Teacher: why?
Student: because you don’t have any hair.

Comedy Joke
Teacher: Robin, I always see that when I start teaching in the class, you always talk with your friends.
Robin: But Sir, I don’t talk when I sleep.

Funny Teacher Student Joke
Teacher: Which one is closer, Sun or Australia?
Student: Sun
Teacher: Why?
Student: We can see the sun all the time, but can’t see Australia.
Teacher Student Exam Shop
Ben got 100 out of 100 in the exam. So the teacher gave him a gift and said,
I hope you will do the same in the next exam.'
Ben: Thank you Sir. I hope you will also print the question paper from my uncle’s printing shop next time.

Silly Student PJ
Teacher: Why does sea water tastes like salt?
Student: Maybe a ship of salt sinked a long time ago.

Outspoken Student Joke
Teacher: Ron, your handwriting is very bad. You will suffer in the future.
Ron: Don’t worry Sir. I will be a typist.

Funny Student Joke
Teacher: Tell me an example of a creature which can live on water as well as the land.
Student: Frog.
Teacher: Another example.
Student: Another frog.

Clever Student Joke
Teacher: Tom! I know you are bad at spelling. That’s why I told you to write down this sentence 10 times. Why did you write only 4 times?
Tom: Sir, I am bad at math too.

Funny Kid
Kid: My teacher has gone crazy Mom.
Mother: Why do you think so?
Kid: Yesterday he said that 3 times 4 is 12. Today he is saying that 12 is 6 times 2.

Funny Student
Student A: My teacher caned me for something I didnt do?
Student B: Thats so bad.
Student A: Well, I didnt do my homework.